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Welcome to Badminton Mad

Looking to ace your badminton game? Look no further than Badminton Mad - the ultimate blog for passionate players like you. Unleash your full potential with expert tips, tricks, and strategic insights that will take your skills to new heights. From mastering the basics to discovering the best badminton clubs near you, we've got all bases covered. Don't just play badminton – be Badminton Mad!

Badminton Court

Enhance Your Game

Looking for new training exercises to brush up on your serving technique? want to find out where the best badminton clubs are in your area? Or are you new to the game and want to understand how the game works? We have you covered!

badminton fitness

Hit your fitness goals with exercise examples and stay up to date on the best nutrition to enhance your game.

badminton serve

Practice! Practice! Practice! Learn basic and advanced training exercices to hone your skills. 

badminton court dimensions

From beginner to expert, learn the rules of the game. 

badminton court

Badminton Clubs

Find out where the best badminton clubs are in your local area.

diagonal positioning badminton court

Improve your tactical knowledge and strategy to build an advantage over your opponents.

badminton club

Read about all things badminton, from history to current events. 

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